There’s a new detective agency in Dallas, Texas, started by a group of exonerated men with decades in prison served between them.

Johnnie Lindsey, Christopher Scott and Steven Phillips. Photo by Sarah Lim


“By focusing on the experiences of a group of exonerees who are themselves learning to investigate … this project is unique. It celebrates the indomitable spirit of these men… follows a gripping storyline… and highlights the challenges and roadblocks of investigating and proving another man’s innocence. This unprecedented approach sets the film apart from other documentaries that have explored the lives of the wrongly convicted.”

Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, Co-founders and Co-directors, Innocence Project

“Jamie Meltzer’s documentary True Conviction was a surprising and profound experience. The film follows three exonerated men who have dedicated their lives to freeing other wrongly-accused prisoners. The men are superbly charismatic, and their passion combined with the film’s depiction of jaw-dropping corruption within the Texas judicial system makes for a rousing piece of work.”

Meredith Alloway, Filmmaker Magazine

"True Conviction is a must-see documentary, filled with as many happy tears as sad ones."

North Texas Daily

"A profound look at our judicial system through the lens of three men it nearly destroyed…True Conviction is powerful, devastating and remarkable."

Shadow and Act

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True Conviction is being distributed to colleges, universities, schools, libraries and other organizations. True Conviction is now being used to spark transformative conversations in classes focusing on: Criminal Law and Criminal Justice reform, Wrongful Conviction, Innocence Clinics and Innocence Project networks, Law, Sociology, and American Studies.

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Festival Screenings

  • Tribeca Film Festival
    Special Jury Mention
  • Oak Cliff Film Festival
    Best Documentary Award
  • Newburyport Documentary Film Festival
    Special Jury Mention
  • Heartland Truly Moving Pictures
    Best Documentary Feature Nominee
  • Annapolis Film Festival
    Audience Award - Best Documentary
  • SF DocFest
  • Nantucket Film Festival
  • Traverse City Film Festival
  • Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival
  • Tallgrass International Film Festival
  • Washington West Film Festival
  • St. Louis International Film Festival
  • Cucalorus Film Festival
  • Stockholm International Film Festival
  • Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

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